It’s been FOREVER I know!




I have been working on my other website – WWW.XR7.FIT – (http://www.xr7.fit) and been busy with my new XR7 RIDE..lol – yeah..I got a BEAST this time and am working on getting it on the road – it is actually running amazing!..more news on that soon!



Main thing I wanna point out..been very active on GOOGLE and YOUTUBE – so please “google” my shit..hahah – actually..I created several pages..the main  YOUTUBE channel did not change..but I added more videos and more are coming!



Personally, getting ready to GO BALLS out again soon training – I actually am going to FILM a dramatic “BACK TO THE FUTURE OF HIT” training and diet “resurrection ” Video! in..




So bare with me …please email me all your (S)HIT to mrxr7fit@gmail.com! – doing a great deal on all ONLINE TRAINING AND PHONE CONSULTS for the next 7 days!!!



http://www..who knows..pick one.com







  • 7/8/2016

A few words that I I like to share with all of you HITters!



I was tired of doing all this online stuff for a while and gave some other dude the “job” – well the “job” never got done right or took forever – in the end …rely on urself! I am …not just my body…but my mind is a “product” – you got a lot of “youtube warriors” out there that sell and promote false information. Or promote anything…including horseshit. My drive to do all this is to show the world that “the world of fitness” is not flat…so far the majority of people think it is flat. In other words…WE (us HIT guys) need to promote the (S)HIT out of this with rational based video’s, articles…etc – WE are the ATHEIST of fitness, since we are going against mostly everything that is written and/or produced in the media. I don’t give a fuck if I get haters (just like Mike did) on a daily basis – I wanna set the record straight…zero fucks given – if you are a rational human being and train HIT, NOTHING compare to what you uses to do will match up period. Yes , many different training style are around – yet NONE can back shit up with scientific evidence and logic. I used to attack them..it is hard not too – but I became to to the realisation that it is pointless. The way to go is to produce “bodies”!…period…no strings attached…and a bloody good deal!






This is the kinda (S)HIT that makes my day! – what a great feedback from S.Connor who got my HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING MANUAL!

“After years of trying high volume training and never really making much progress I found the name mike mentzer.i watched footage of him training Markus and decided I will try training like that.i have been training that way for 5 months and my strength and weigh have increased like never before.i knew I worked so I needed to know more.in the words of mike mentzer the only one you can accurately compare yourself to is you.thanks Markus”.


  • 4/04/2016

THE FUTURE OF HIT DVD IS NOW AVAILABLE for DOWNLOAD guys!!!! – HIT below and get it!  12278998_1059992750698269_3075751495653388607_n




  • 4/27/2016

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YEP!!!! – http://www.mrhitworldtour.com is my next site HITting harder then ever!

The site is still under construction and need to get the right DNS settings – I been working on it for 48 hours and came up with this so far…not bad…but lots of shit to add!

Stay tuned!







Here you will find the latest High Intensity News!


  • 4/24.2016

I just got back from a 6 seminar tour in europe!!!! – All seminars were sold OUT! A huge success for spreading the HIT principles and at the same time getting to travel the world!

I must say, I should have given myself more then 2 weeks to do this. It was basically 1 seminar after another. travelling across all over and dealing  with jet lag.

Yet it was all worth it!

I achieved a lot and I am proud of myself. This was not even about making tons of money. It was about showing THOSE THAT doubted me to go EAT A BAG OF DICKS!