The TRUTH doesn’t give a [S]HIT:-)

A little story about myself…CAUTION; my honesty might SHOCK some of you

I started BB very young at the age of 14 and worked out at a YMCA – they had free weights and stuff, went there daily to look like the heroes I worshiped – yes of course Arnold back then and later on people like Berry de Mey.

I trained at that little gym for 2 years and then eventually had enough money to join a real gym.

Once I got there I was already pretty developed due to my genetics. The gym owner of the gym right away ask me to compete and told me I need to get on steroids to win and represent his gym.I really had a hard time doing that,

I was afraid of it and of course if my mom would have found out she would have killed me So I did my first show in which I landed 7th out of 30 teenagers. I was pissed of course and frustrated. Did I know how to diet and train properly, or course not.

I think “ARNOLDS encyclopedia” was the main

So I went on and trained harder, still 6 days a week with little progress. My Gym owner again ask me to get on roids. I told him “ok” – so we went the local german pharmacy and ask for Deca – the pharmacist just basicially handed it to him – lol – this was back in 1987

I took the stuff home and sat there and thought about what should I do. I decided to sell it to a friend of – I know I am such a But I could not do it since I wanted to get big on my own.

I had a chance to participate in a seminar which a german BB held at our guy – he advised to train with less sets – not as little as Mike but way less then what I was doing. I of course bought his book and went on. I grew like crazy and my gym owner was

Then there was this last year in germany – it was the German championships – I finally decided to take some – I ended up huge and bulky but not defined enough since again I did not know jack shit about dieting.

I left the US in 91. Saw the Venice BB’s such as Mike O hearn and of course all the greats and was pretty much floored. I had no money to even think of steroids. I worked odd jobs and did not train anyone – Iived in a rotten appartment on Venice Blvd. I just trained and tried to look as good as I can.

I entered the Venice Beach contest which I won . Then the whole “NATURAL MUSCLE” scene explodes – so I is my chance – I entered my first natural show in 93 and placed 3rd.

Then for at least 10 years without the exception of one time took drugs to compete in the NPC, which I placed ok but not great , since the amount of shit I took was for a small Neither was I hard enough to win and dumb enough to risk my life over diuretics.

I stopped the short steroid use – then waited for a year and did drug tested shows – placed again fairly well. Then in 2000 I wanted to test whether these shows are actually for real since I realized that some of the guys just looked not natural.

I took a small amount of shit – dieted hard and won the show. No results came back. I was clean,,,lol.

The moral of the story…there is no thing as natural BB – if u believe this then ur an idiot. I was fooled for so many years and then in the end even lied myself about it – which I now revealed. I can probably be a great 195 bodybuilder, yet not a 220 pound monster with glute striations – nobody can with out the help of roids.




2 thoughts on “The TRUTH doesn’t give a [S]HIT:-)

  1. Ernst Berger says:

    Wow Markus, es gibt nicht wirklich viel Personen in der BB-Welt die so ehrlich sind. Chapeau, dafür meinen allergrößten Respekt.
    Wow Markus, they are not really many in the BB-world they are so honest like you. Chapeau, therefore you have my highest respect,

    Best, Ernst from Thailand

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