The pseudo science in bodybuilding.

I like to dedicate this write up to the confusion that exists in the world of bodybuilding as well as health a fitness (same shit…except BB’s are not in it for the health aspects).
Being a bodybuilder for over 30 years now has taught me a lot abou
t the “ trends” and “fashions” that are so much part of this “sport” that we all love so much. ( well..some u probably don’t give a shit but..)



If you think back, you can start with the rubber bands to slim your waist all the way to the potions and lotions that either burn fat miracu
lously or help you gain size over night. Unless you go full retard..NONE of this is possible unless you simply diet hard and train intelligent.
Yet, to add to that. Even training wisely and eating proper will NOT allow you to gain tremendous amount (as shown in most muscle mags ) or lose unwanted pounds in a short term, i.e 30 days etc.
We all are limited to our genetics which will determine our individual muscle gains/fat loss as well as SHAPE. So I don’t care if you are using a rope during triceps extensions to “shape” the outer head of your tri’s. It is simply impossible to do that, almost like trying to grow a bigger penis using a penis pump (yet that might be more enjoyable).
Muscle shape is a given genetic factor. All you can do is increase whatever you inherited and make it as large as possible with the proper form of resistance exercise. (HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING).
I don’t care how hard you bang your head against the wall.
Nature to be commanded MUST BE OBEYED!
You can not change the laws of nature, but you certainly can get the most out of your genetics if you have a PLAN that makes sense such as a High Intensity program which is by far the ONLY rational concept that pertains to exercise period (no strings attached and a bloody good
For example, the muscle mags trying to make you believe that you “must” eat tons of protein such as 300-400 grams a day. Well, the muscle mags are not science journals, they are merely “catalogs” who sell supplements! Try to sell a pound of rice for 39 bucks…probably not going to work is it now? However, to be honest, you probably need a fraction of that, mostly coming from real food…not powders!
I guess I could write and entire book on this shit but I need to catch some sleep and rather wank off…lol.
But let me leave you all with this “GEM” of IRRATIONALITY. The “IDEA” that the more the better should be applied to exercise as much as it is applied to money and women. (by some of u twats)
It is really very simple if you use the shit we daily do as a reference. I know most of you (including myself when I was a lost cunt) think of working out as a sort of a “ I gotta spend 2 hours a day and do 3 sets each kinda thing”.
It all goes back to “traditional shit” we read in “Muscle&Fiction” and other mags, published by guys who can’t even wipe there own ass.
There is NO ROOM for tradition in exercise! Simply to use such an arbitrary “measure” as 3 sets and 7 days a week is completely absurd and belong onto the shelf with unicorns and santa claus 🙂
Why do 3 sets if ONE will do the trick? You ever turned a light switch 3 times to get that shit to work? Unless you got a “short”…you very likely be able to turn on the light with only flipping that “bitch” once! I could go on about this…but again..I am tired and…lol
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Thanks for your attention..gnite!
ps. Thank u Josh Randall for ur input!